What makes Better Foods D3+K2 so special?

Vegan vitamin D3
Highly invigorating,
especially when you're constantly on the go
Optimal dosage
at 1000 IU per mini-tablet
natural lemon flavor
Practical and stylish
metal slider tin
Free of GMOs and
ideal for vegan lifestyles
Vitamin K2-MK7
from natural sources
Optimum bioavailability

Unfortunately, people are spending more and more of their time inside closed buildings nowadays, and our daily lives are becoming increasingly hectic. Whether we have to study for important exams, do overtime at work or commute long distances by car - all of these activities prevent us from getting the sunlight we so desperately need, thereby making it increasingly difficult for our bodies to produce enough vitamin D from exposure to the sun's rays.

We developed Better Foods D3+K2 to help you give your health a big boost, even when you’re constantly on the go. Especially in dark winter months after you've spent a long and exhausting day in closed rooms at work or school, we want to put a smile on your face and a little spring in your step. With our practical and — if we say so ourselves — exceptionally attractive metal slider tin, these mini-tablets of sunshine in your pocket can be taken anywhere and everywhere and are the ideal after-meal refreshment thanks to their fresh, fruity lemon aroma.


Just make sure to take a tablet during your morning ritual so you can start the day with even more positive energy!

Our formula

Absolutely NO unnecessary additives. As always, our motto at Better Foods is: If you don’t need it, we don’t add it.

Get the most out of the calcium in your food

We've developed these convenient lozenges to help you get the most out of the calcium you already consume through your diet. Too often, our bodies cannot optimally absorb calcium from our food. Better Foods D3+K2 can help streamline this process. Vitamin D3 supports the absorption of calcium into your blood stream, while vitamin K2 activates the vital protein osteocalcin so that calcium can also be deposited into your bones. Without these two essential vitamins, excess calcium can be deposited in the arteries instead and clog them.

No more bitter pills
Better Foods D3+K2 mini-tablets are not only ideal for when you're on the go, they're incredibly convenient for those who don't like to swallow tablets. You can suck on Better Foods D3+K2 just like candy and savor the deliciously refreshing fruity lemon flavor for as long as you like. And because there are 60 lozenges in just one pack, you can easily share the positive vibes with your friends and colleagues after a stressful meeting or a strenuous day at university.

Health heroes your body deserves

Our bodies are constantly breaking down and rebuilding our bones. We need the two vitamins D3 and K2 to ensure that everything functions as it should. This combination turns out to be a real power-duo for your bones.


As you probably know, our bones are mostly made of calcium. That's why getting an adequate supply of calcium is essential for our health and well-being. But the calcium has to get into the bones in the first place; that’s where D3 and K2 come into play.


Why both, you ask? The answer is very simple: Just like the two legendary superheroes Batman and Robin guard Gotham City against villains, vitamins D3 and K2 work closely together to defend your body against threats and protect it from harm. Vitamin D3 ensures that the matrix Gla protein and osteocalcin are produced. These two proteins are both needed to bind calcium and transport it to the right places in your body; after all, calcium is meant to strengthen your bones, not clog your arteries! But there’s a catch: vitamin K2 is required to activate these two proteins formed by vitamin D3.


As you can tell, D3 and K2 are potent partners whose synergistic effects can help improve bone density, and that’s why we've combined these two essential vitamins into Better Foods D3+K2 to help you optimize your bone health. And because having a healthy mind is equally important for keeping your body healthy, we've given these two superheroes an extra kick of natural lemon flavor to brighten up your day!

Good for you and the environ­ment
As always at Better Foods, our motto is: If you don't need it, we don't add it. Our tablets are not only lactose-, gluten- and histamine-free, but also suitable for our vegan friends. For Better Foods, sustainability is a way of life. Refilling your metal slider tin is a cinch with our handy refill packs, as well as being better for the environment and for your wallet. What more could you ask for?


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