The health booster from the Atlantic Ocean


Deep ocean water is simply full of hidden treasures. A lifetime's supply of magnesium, just to name one example. Not to mention numerous other minerals that are vital to our bodies. That’s why we went deep-sea diving, and now you benefit: Say hello to our 100% herbal magnesium tablets and their substantial health benefits!


What makes magnesium from Better Foods so special?

chemical additives
ZERO lactose,
gluten or histamine
100% natural ingredients
Contains other vital
marine trace elements
sustainable design
Neutral in taste

The human body is amazingly adaptive, but there are some things it simply can't do: create its own magnesium, for example. 


Your body relies on your diet to get enough of this essential mineral to perform vital bodily functions. Sadly, due to our modern lifestyles, we often do not meet our body's daily magnesium requirements. To ensure that you get enough of this fundamental element of health and well-being, we have developed Better Foods Magnesium.


Magnesium is a key mineral required by our bodies to maintain overall health: It helps you stay alert and focused, regulates your heartbeat while keeping your muscles and nerves functioning optimally, and helps you to relax by reducing muscle tension after strenuous activity. Better Foods Magnesium can help you remain focused and reduce stress in any demanding situation, whether you're studying, working or engaged in intense physical activity. Getting an adequate supply of magnesium is absolutely essential in older age, during adolescence, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What you “sea” is what you get
What distinguishes our tablets from other magnesium supplements is the raw material we use: Pure seawater from the Atlantic Ocean between Ireland and Iceland! Due to the naturally occurring Lithothamnium algae it is very rich in minerals. Through a modern process we extract a multimineral complex from the sea water.

Our tablets contain more than just magnesium, however: Alongside bio-active calcium, our multi-mineral complex also contains other vital trace elements that the algae absorb from the surrounding seawater. This unique combination further enhances the effect of the magnesium.

The Stone Age is over

Most supplements contain magnesium extracted from limestone. We prefer the power of plants! Beyond making Better Foods Magnesium a superior source of magnesium with higher bioavailability and a more rapid effect, the additional minerals and trace elements in our plant-based supplement work synergistically with your body to give your health an extra boost.

Our formula

Absolutely NO unnecessary additives. As always, our motto at Better Foods is: If you don’t need it, we don’t add it.

Lactose, gluten, histamine and animal constituents are a big no-no.

Our magnesium tablets are not just lactose-, gluten- and histamine-free, but also 100% vegan. We use organic rice extract as a separating agent, and our all-natural ingredients are packed in a vegan tablet shell. As you can tell, we gladly avoid resorting to unnecessary and artificial additives.

After all: Chemistry is a school subject, not something we should be putting in our bodies!

Glass? Clearly!
At Better Foods, sustainability is a way of life. That's why we decided to package our magnesium tablets in fashionable glass bottles that are modern and practical, instead of medical and plain — with the added benefit of making them super upcycle-friendly!


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