The Power of Algae


The red alga Lithothamnium calcareum is a true force of nature. It's not only naturally brimming with calcium, but also other essential minerals that are vital to the health of your bones and teeth. We searched the Atlantic Ocean far and wide and voilà: We present to you our 100% plant-based calcium capsules jam-packed with the health-promoting power of Mother Nature.


What makes calcium from Better Foods so special?

Zero lactose,
gluten or histamine
chemical additives
natural ingredients
Contains other essential
marine trace elements
sustainable design
Neutral in taste

Calcium is an integral part of everyone's body — one to two percent of your body's weight is made up of pure calcium, most of which is in your bones and teeth. Calcium is incredibly important for you. Like with magnesium, there's just one problem: Your body can't make its own calcium. 

You can only meet your daily requirements with a balanced diet — primarily by consuming dairy products. Especially vegans, lactose-intolerant individuals and certain other risk groups no longer have it that easy. We developed Better Foods Calcium to make sure you get the calcium you need.

There's just one catch: Calcium alone cannot guarantee that your bones and teeth will stay healthy. Many people don't know that vitamin K2 is essential for your body to get the most out of the calcium you consume. But don't worry! We've added K2 to Better Food Calcium to provide you with exactly the nutritional power duo your bones and teeth need to stay healthy and strong.

The Forgotten Vitamin
Never heard of vitamin K2 until just now? You're not alone! For some reason, vitamin K2 has been increasingly forgotten over the years, and this despite the fact that it plays an enormously important role in your body's ability to absorb calcium. We've wiped the dust off of this essential vitamin and added it to our algae calcium so that you benefit directly from the natural synergistic effects of this power duo.

Our capsules are absolute powerhouses of health! In the same way that red algae can be found in highly diverse locations across the Atlantic Ocean, Better Foods Calcium can bring you the joie de vivre and lightheartedness of the Caribbean, or the tranquility and serenity of Iceland. The combination of calcium, vitamin K2 and other trace elements contributes to an improvement in your overall sense of well-being.

Calcium helps keep your muscles functioning normally and your bones and teeth healthy and strong. But it's not just your bones and teeth that benefit from calcium: This amazing mineral also keeps everything from energy metabolism to blood coagulation, nerve signal transmission and digestive enzyme function running smoothly in your body.

Our formula

Absolutely NO unnecessary additives. As always, our motto at Better Foods is: If you don’t need it, we don’t add it.

Rocket-boosting plant power

Most calcium supplements do not contain vitamin K2...which basically makes the calcium in them like an astronaut without a rocket. The versatile properties of the super vitamin K2 act as an additional booster for the effect of calcium, helping to make sure your bones and teeth are supplied with the calcium they need. Plus, excess calcium can't build up in your arteries and turn into a real villain. We harness the supplemental power of vitamin K2 to help you reach your peak well-being.

Highly sustainable and fresh looking
Two things are important to us in the packaging of our products: Firstly, a design that clearly distinguishes our products from pharmaceuticals, and secondly, whether they are sustainable in the long term. That's why we package our calcium capsules in a fashionable glass bottle!