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What distinguishes Better Foods Astaxanthin from similar products?

Unlike many of our competitors, we never obtain our astaxanthin from the frequently polluted waters off the coast of Hawaii or Israel. Instead, we put our full trust in Iceland's virtually untouched ecosystem. Our astaxanthin is exclusively derived from Icelandic freshwater, which is free of microplastics and pollutants produced by industrial and shipping activities. The fact that Iceland has the cleanest air of any OECD country is even greater evidence of its pristine and supremely natural environment. Our capsules are enriched with sunflower and safflower oil as well as vitamin E to protect the precious raw material inside from oxidation and sunlight. This is how we guarantee that Better Foods Astaxanthin will deliver its maximum benefit to your body.

Is Better Foods Astaxanthin a drug or a dietary supplement?

Better Foods Astaxanthin is designed to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle and is not intended to cure diseases. That is why it is a dietary supplement.


How often should I take Better Foods Astaxanthin?

We recommend taking 2 capsules a day, ideally with food.


Where are your products manufactured?

The freshwater microalga Haematococcus pluvialis — the richest source of natural astaxanthin and the raw ingredient in Better Foods Astaxanthin — is cultivated in pure Icelandic glacier water by means of state-of-the-art methods using sustainable, 100% CO2-neutral geothermal energy. This raw material is then processed into capsules in Germany under the highest quality standards.

Do you test your products for quality?

Our products are subject to constant quality controls as well as continuous testing and comply with the guidelines of the European Cosmetics Ordinance (KVO) and Dietary Supplements Regulation (NemV), as well as the EU-Eco-regulation. The production of Better Foods Astaxanthin additionally complies with the food safety standards HACCP, GMP and ISO 9001.

Further questions?

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